At Tiger Schulmann’s, we don’t exercise and diet. We eat and train.

Besides top self-defense and martial arts instruction, Tiger Schulmann’s instructors offer diet and nutrition guidance to help you reach your goals. We work with professional nutritionists to keep up on the latest medical and scientific data, physiology and best nutritional practices. Our instructors understand that to stay fit, you need both exercise and healthy eating habits.

It is not a coincidence that the global diet industry is a $55 billion-a year business.

The industry promises to make weight loss easier. It promises to deliver the body of your dreams without the hard work, sacrifice, and self-discipline required to shed pounds and improve your overall health and appearance. Unfortunately, their promises are too good to be true and you are left feeling discouraged and looking for the next fad diet!

95% of people that diet and/or join a gym never reach their weight loss and fitness goals. 80% give up within a month.

The truth is there is no magic pill and the only way to achieve long-term success is to adopt a healthy lifestyle of proper nutrition and exercise.

What Tiger Schulmann’s instructors do better than any dietician, nutritionist, or private trainer is help people develop self-discipline.

Combine safe and proven nutrition guidance with Tiger Schulmann’s martial arts training and you will reach your fitness goals.

My Goal for Nutrition

Set Goals and Reach Them

Keep track of your weight changes, and create goals for yourself.